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Thomas Lloyd Qualls
720 Tahoe Street, Suite B
Reno, Nevada 89509
t) 775 • 333 • 6633 • f) 775 • 333 • 6696






Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, novelist, essayist, videographer, painter, sometimes salvager of troubled lives, and a regular contributor to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine and to the borderless virtual tribe known as Rebelle Society.

His debut novel, Waking Up at Rembrandt’s, has received local and national critical acclaim, and is available in print (think of vinyl, only for books) and on multiple e-version platforms. (If you want to stop what you’re doing and buy it right now, go ahead. We’ll wait for you.)

He is also the proud co-creator of the The Power of Words Video Project. Go ahead, check it out. We’ll wait for you.

There’s also a new book of poetry, love jaywalks, available in ebook format. On the horizon: a collection of essays and a second novel, painted oxen, due out just as soon as all the words finish lining up. In his spare time, he rides his bike, pretends he is still the runner he once was, redraws the line between enough and a little too much, works up the courage to paint, and dreams of adding more stamps to his passport. He no longer bartends.

Having said all this, it is good to remember a human being is not static. To define something is to kill part of it. We are all here to expand our ideas of ourselves. The best way to know more is to follow him and to keep reading what he writes. Feel free to wander around this website a bit more and see what treasures you find.

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